3 ways to figure out her ring size
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3 Ways to Figure out Her Ring Size

There are many precious moments in our life, such as finding love and then sealing the deal with an equally beautiful ring.

Want pop the question and want to keep it a surprise? But you’ll need to get one thing right – her ring size!

Here are some easy ways to do this without blowing your cover.

Grab One of Her Existing Rings

And when you find it, take it straight to the jeweler to get it sized up. If you have very little time in hand after ‘borrowing’ her ring, then keep a piece of paper and pen close by. Use them to trace a circle on the inside of the ring and take this to the jeweler who will help determine her ring size.

Note:  When borrowing the ring, make sure to pick something she wears on a similarly sized finger. The ring finger of her right hand would be perfect.

Family & Friends to the Rescue

When it comes to discreetly finding out the ring size, her friends or close family members can be of big help. It’s not necessary that they will know her exact ring size, but finding out won’t exactly be difficult.  Ask them to plan a shopping trip together and let her try on some inexpensive, fashion rings just for “fun”.  If she finds a ring that fits well, then her folks can find a way to bring it back to you. There’s also a possibility that they may have bought a ring for her at some point, and this can serve as a good reference for your own purchase.

Note: Go ahead with this plan only if there is absolute trust between you and the other party involved. There is nothing worse than your surprise proposal becoming a complete dud because your secret was leaked accidentally by a third person. So think twice before you confide about your plans to someone.

Be Direct, Ask Her!

Don’t want to waste time sneaking around and asking others for help? If yes, then simply be straightforward and ask your partner. People who choose this route have most probably already discussed marriage, so asking her the ring size directly isn’t a bad idea. Also, getting this information from her doesn’t really reveal when and how you’re going to pop the question; hence the element of surprise is still there. So go ahead and be direct!

Facts about Ring Size You Should Keep In Mind

· The most common ring size for women varies from 6 to 6.5.

· Normally, our dominant hand is slightly larger than the other hand. So ensure you’re measuring for her left finger.

· Wide engagement bands tend to have a tighter fit when compared to thin rings. If you plan to take a reference ring to the jeweler for estimating the accurate size, make sure it’s the same width as the ring you plan to buy.

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