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Replica Burma Introduced A Strict Tax Policy

He told reporters that the recent 10 years of natural crystal prices have gone up several times, many of the original species from a few dollars per gram, rose hundreds of dollars are now hundreds of dollars.“This string of tourmaline bracelet, someone bid 50,000 yuan, I do not sell.” Mr. Ding tea business in Yiwu hobby collection crystal jewelry. “In 2006, I bought the titanium crystal bracelet only about 60 yuan per gram, has now risen to 400 yuan, there is no such a good product.”

Price leaps and bounds

“In this line for eight years, natural crystal prices are rising every year, sometimes several times a year to turn.” January 2, in the “green crystal about” Urban Road store Li Yu, Chen told reporters love ball, since last year, gold prices have fallen, the price of natural crystal is not only strong, but the scarcity of strong products continue to rise.Ding’s argument has been operating in the city of crystal, amber replica vca jewelry and other products “about crystal green” shop owner Chen love ball recognition.

Insiders said that the price of natural crystal varieties every year pushed higher. This year the market hype crystal eyes began to shift meteorite, meteorite bracelet, pendant prices have doubled rally meteorite bracelet each string to replica Van Cleef and Arpels earrings the million. “Currently on the market the most sought after is the crystal titanium crystal ﹑ ﹑ tourmaline, etc. Phantom of natural crystal bracelet, necklace, each string is substantially the price of 3,000 yuan to several thousand or even several hundred thousand dollars, prices are generally among all above the yuan. “Chen told reporters love ball, the most recent years, speculation is crazy tourmaline, tourmaline bracelet each string of high prices on the yuan. A few years ago sold 10,000 yuan a string bracelet, this year rose to 40,000 yuan (stock price); like beeswax, vca replicas amber bracelets before the price is not a string of one or two thousand, now risen to seven or eight thousand yuan. There Rhodochrosite, too expensive, very scarce natural.

“Crystal price of rare species have been over ten thousand, or Hermes jewelry replicas even tens of thousands, the current large mining product prices in a couple of thousand dollars,” Chen told reporters love ball, like natural Rhodochrosite mainly grown in Peru, Argentina, currently has basically been mined in an instant, some of the products have been Rhodochrosite masterpiece, even if no matter how high the price, collectors will not sell. In addition, natural tourmaline less and less in the big early gains on the basis of continuing ranked high.

Crystal is known as the “water jade”, and pearl agate Hermes kelly bracelet replica and other ﹑ par. In recent years, natural crystal rising demand, prices are rising. Natural crystal limited raw material resources, producing more concentrated, 70% to 80% yield from abroad. In recent years, the main producing areas of natural crystal Brazil, Burma and introduced a strict tax policy and mining environmental measures, many brokers do not want to acquire the ore, resulting in a shortage of resources in the market, prices have rocketed.

Crystal expensive natural

Crystal was not as diamonds, emeralds, and other high Hermes replica belt value and nephrite, but large crystals relatively low purchase cost, relatively simple identification. Good stress naturally occurring crystal, mood clarity, color and composition containing inclusions are considered basic criteria for a good piece of crystal.

“Crystal is rich in color and variety.” Chen told reporters love ball, if consumers buy crystal collection from the investment point of view, the best choice for natural crystal. However, the market is more artificial crystal crystal ornaments, crystal products and therefore we must first focus on whether natural raw materials, which is characterized by inclusion was whether the crystal clear enough. It has “pictographic was” crystal fissures due to the refraction of light, staining, etc., will be formed in the crystal in a pattern, such as prices have gone up many times titanium crystal is one of them. In addition, the level of technology depends on how crystal products, that is, how carving and carving choice of subject matter. From the type of imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry crystal that the specter of the series, the crystal series price is relatively high, a large beautifully carved pieces ﹑ perfect crystal ball or distinctive worth collection. Currently, the market few blocks form large ﹑ ﹑ high purity fine craft natural crystal has a great appreciation of space.

According to the reporter, many types of crystal, each species has its good and bad points, like the pyramids, the choice of collectibles on the spire is wrong. Currently, the market has a purely natural crystal rock crystal, citrine, amethyst, topaz, smoky quartz, the crystal contains a variety of colors as well as hair-like substance, a variety of mineral symbiotic crystal, crystal water of water tank, tourmaline and so on. The high value of the collection lies in its naturalness, uniqueness, rarity and aesthetic value. Select the enclaves were not only look crystal crystal purity, particle size, and cut good or bad, depends on the mood of the natural form, or as mountains or ocean like, or like snow, or like the universe, it can give people unlimited reverie .