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“King of Jewelers, Jeweler of Kings” :Cartier jewelry replica boutiques opening in Shenyang Shifu Plaza Mall

replica cartier jewelry shop

replica cartier jewelry shop

“With the continuous development and improvement of the Northeast market, with Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang has been together, become the most important strategic core of the city Cartier.” Ms. Jane Yavin Cartier China, Chief Executive Officer.September 28, 2012, entitled “king of jewelers, jeweler of kings” reputation of the world’s leading jewelry , Cartier, Forum 66 in Shenyang, the largest mall opened boutiques in Northeast China today. Inheritance always noble and romantic temperament, Cartier replica jewelry once again an ancient and so modern in Shenyang will show over a hundred sixty-five years of history Chanticleer unique brand of charm.

Double Cartier store design will work to attain and distinguished atmosphere reflected most vividly. Interior design shop outside the Cartier followed the global synchronization “copper concept” design, featuring the internationally renowned art director of former French President Francois Mitterrand of the Queen’s designer Bruno • Moyinnade (Bruno Moinard). Cartier boutiques Shenyang Shifu Plaza mall with a total area of nearly 800 square meters new opening, the display area is divided into Cheap Cartier love jewelry and accessories display area display area. Its noble atmosphere and create a sense of comfort and elegance of Cartier jewelry replica diverse artistic styles complement each other. In particular leading to the second floor wall decorations design boutiques personally decorated by the famous French artists Pierre Bonnefille. Pierre Bonnefille in the interior design is good at using a variety of colors and different textures texture image combining form, so simple in the wall with light, color and space, constitute a post-modern art.

From the first temple in Paris Peace Street No. 13, to Beverly Hills boutiques, Cartier every brand will make people feel the history, style continues at the same time, found innovative, self-break after the arising surprise. Soft foot on handmade carpets, boutique xuanmei dazzling jewelry crystal clear display cabinet exudes a unique and mysterious light. Nationally, Cartier Wedding jewelry display for the first time zone is set to double within the hollow area, worth more than a million gorgeous crystal chandelier in bright light against the background, like a lingering raindrops are like from the top down, the spread of the entire region romantic and warm atmosphere. Here you can find the new post of their own true love and eternity. Jewelry display area, sections masterpiece dripping interpretation of graceful moments, but also moments of a witness. Independent Haute Horlogerie series appreciation area allows guests in a comfortable and intimate environment to enjoy Cartier love bracelet replica caring and professional service. In the dark lines against the background of decorative style, each tab are advanced and unique men’s wisdom, deep masculine and perfect fit. Surprise much more than that. Stairs, floor accessories boutique located display area is the introduction of a new architectural concepts to “HOME home” as the theme style Cartier boutique is the first time in China. Linger in the warmth of home accessories area, guests can be more close contact, feeling the texture of real display of works presented, but also shows more different types with a way for guests to choose from.

Cartier Opening of Asia Shenyang Forum 66 mall boutiques, is a re-interpretation about lifestyle, it is as true replica Cartier jewelry Chanticleer brand of craftsmanship and extraordinary creativity unlimited exploration. Cartier knockoff jewelry and you look forward together to taste this classic and innovative, luxury and elegance, a common add this never-ending saga.

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