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cartier love bracelet size 16 Actor Rips ‘Daily News’ Reporters

Notorious loudmouth Alec Baldwin took to Twitter Monday to rip the reporters who crashed his fiance’s yoga class to snap photographs of her ring. The “30 Rock” star confirmed to The Huffington Post Monday that he is engaged to 28 year old yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, sparking headlines across the Internet announcing the news.

But Baldwin believes that one publication took it too far: the New York Daily News, which published blurry mobile phone snapshots of Thomas and of her ring. “Thomas was photographed Monday in Manhattan sporting a square cut Cartier diamond engagement ring on her left hand,” the Daily News wrote in the article announcing the engagement, which also included several quotes from Baldwin’s brother Stephen.

This isn’t the first time Baldwin has unhinged on his Twitter account. In December 2011, Baldwin used the social network to vent about American Airlines, after he was kicked off a plane for refusing to shut down his iPad. He also alluded to the founder of the gossip website TMZ, which was quick to publish the airplane incident, before temporarily quitting Twitter altogether: “What’s a twelve letter word that is interchangeable for HARVEY LEVIN?”

What do you think, readers? Has Alec gone too far, or is he right to blast the reporters who he believes invaded his fiance’s privacy? And in other, happier news, today is also Baldwin’s birthday (he turns 54). Happy birthday, Alec!

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