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High Quality Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Fusion Jewelry

Here comes the replica Monogram Fusion frm Louis Vuitton, which is a fashion item with classic Monogram pattern inspired blend of the previous two jewels series LV “Monogram Idylle”, “Dentelle de Monogram” design elements.
Traditional Monogram pattern consists of four basic graphic composition, the Louis Vuitton chose quadrangular and four flower shape as the basic elements, and follows its own quadrangular, four flower-shaped diamond-cutting process.
New work by platinum and diamonds to render hollow Monogram pattern in which a fake bracelet and a pendant necklace with complex geometry with highlights lace-like texture. The earrings are asymmetrical design follows the “Monogram Idylle” – the pendant at the bottom of each form quatrefoil and square shapes.
“Monogram Fusion,” The most special is the design of an replica engagement ring, diamond using flower-shaped cut, inlaid claws fixed between the petals, thus presenting a complete diamond color of fire, compared to the traditional engagement ring is more romantic temperament. Another one “Toi et Moi” is the fusion of two rings Monogram pattern to render LV totem “You and I” meaning.


Monogram Fusion Bracelet Louis Vuitton Ring

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