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In addition, the domestic gold shop and bank charges purchase physical gold spot roughly 12 yuan / gram

Physical gold market, short-term buying surge receded, leaving behind a deserted place. Yesterday, reporters found that “gold rush boom” has recently rapid cooling, the number of customers dropped various gold stores, sales outlets deserted.

In mid-April, the international price of gold plummeted a rare, causing major physical gold market set off a buying spree. After the international price of gold has been pulled up short, but in the secondary market crash last week, after the gold rush were signs have emerged quilt.

However, reporters found that the price of gold fell again imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry and no further induce investors to “buy the dips” pre-buying spree has been greatly overdrawn investment and purchasing needs of investors and customers.

Investment in gold bullion, but not the arrival of the customer

In Shenzhen Huaqiang North gold each store, the reporter saw customers come to buy physical gold are few, and some time ago gold store busy, lively scene customers door of a sharp contrast.

There are staff told reporters, when sales peak last month, every day, hundreds of kilograms replica Van Cleef and Arpels earrings of gold bullion can be sold for gold jewelry, if the customer hesitated, its phase jewelry can be other customers away, day’s sales are 4,5 times past. But the two-day sales figures has plummeted even lower than normal sales.

In the largest gold market – Shenzhen Water Pui jewelry market, it is also facing a number of stores desolate situation. A salesperson admitted that, after many customers buying behavior blindly follow the trend, “bargain” mentality, “buy too much.”

After witnessed gold’s sharp market volatility, some customers began to become cautious. Some sales staff told reporters that recently registered before they contact customer who has booked, some customers expressed directly to cancel, do not want to buy anymore.

Gold investment banking channels remained stable

With respect to the shop, another major gold sales of the main channel – the bank, the customer’s demand Van Cleef replica earrings for gold remained relatively stable. Liu Yun Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shenzhen Product Manager Settlement and Cash Management Department told reporters, gold shop customers are mainly buy jewelry, and the bank’s customers are mostly investment demand, more rational, and the demands of both the purchase category there are some differences.

From a market point of view, the current number of gold shop there was a general phenomenon of the number of customers fell, early gold buying surge has also led many customers to buy gold investment and excessive overdrafts. For the future, Liu Yun thought need not be too worried about the early replica Hermes bracelet to the gold shop to buy a lot of gold jewelry, some customers took the opportunity to a large number of later marriage, jewelry class gold products, consumer demand for gold, there are some customers that plunged stimulate selected prices were low suction gold, it belongs to investment demand. Because gold has a natural currency properties, regarded by investors as a means of asset allocation, it is necessary to hold the current investors in the gold market optimistic about the long-term position, and should be careful to maintain a certain short-term investments.

Most of the early investors quilt

According to the Shanghai Gold Exchange statistics, the country’s largest gold transaction volume for April 22 to April 26 this week, the weighted average price of gold was 292.01 yuan / gram. And yesterday the domestic spot market gold price of around 286 yuan / gram. In addition, the domestic gold shop and bank charges purchase physical gold spot roughly 12 yuan / gram nearby Book gold fee of 8 yuan / gram, and sell physical gold fee of $ 2 / g, a buying Sell transaction cost per gram has increased by more than $ 12 fee. In this calculation, the majority of bargain-hunting Chinese gold investors, the image is also known as the “Chinese Mother” this group has been stuck in the state.

Director of the Comprehensive Development Research Center of Social Sciences, Guangdong Province, Li Youhuan Hermes jewelry imitations believe, from the current international financial situation to determine the price of gold is very difficult to maintain a long continued to rise. For the immediate future, the international financial institutions to see gold move empty, Li Youhuan think its inevitability. A lot of “Chinese Mother” can not reverse this trend, gold prices rebounded after the reasons, the most important is the large decline a temporary repair.

Li Youhuan said from their group on the future gold price movements to determine the price of gold will be wholesale replica Hermes jewelry in the long-term downward trend, during which there must be repeated shocks market, which also provide timely opportunities for some sort of relief stuck buyers. If you want to make money, the opportunity will be very slim, no loss or less loss is lucky, some time ago investing in gold at a loss will be the trend.

Li Youhuan analysis, Chinese people buy gold for many reasons, mainly due to customs; in addition, some time ago the price of gold fell, investors feel relatively cheap; again, the market is no shortage of those who follow the trend of speculation, it is desirable to make money from speculation, there are some confuse people who are not insiders induce the market and so on.

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