Introducing replica Jeremy online shopping mall

Introducing replica Jeremy online shopping mall

There is no doubt the most suitable spring color is green, full of life in the spring, green is the symbol of vitality, bringing new hope infinite. Can wake up fresh green energy from our body visually, make yourself feel more beautiful. And the high degree of suction eye wear bright green body does not want attention immune, while occasional light your overall shape, so what so fast in this season to choose a green jewelry yourself.
From light green to dark green, from rings to earrings, from green to emerald tourmaline, green gem is actually not a lot, but every green gemstone has its own characteristics, the first to know about these five green stones.
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Green garnet is also called Chavelet stone, with its bright colors, fewer defects, relatively cheap advantages, attracting a lot of attention. Chavelet stone as a green gem in a new member of the family, although it is only in recent years attention, but because of the color, shape and emerald closer, with the same level of market prices is Chavelet emerald stone five times, which makes Chavelet emerald stone to become second only to the second largest popular.
Peridot is a green and yellow, similar to olive stones, its biggest feature is to cut peridot under the magnifying glass, the bottom of the stone will be double the shadow side, the gemstone industry call this a “double shadow”, which point is Chavelet stone not available. At the same time the price Bishafulai olivine rock is much lower.

verdelite many colors, including light green to dark green, yellow-green or brown-green. Best of emerald green in Europe and Brazil have been mistaken for emeralds, currently only output in Brazil and Madagascar, are also rare and multicolored, really do not care if the green tourmaline stone purchased as Chavelet also I will not suffer.

Emerald discovery and 4,000 years ago, as during the period of ancient Egyptian jewelry is worn, its ancient extent determines the value, but also because of earlier than any other gem mining, depleted veins speed more quickly, “Suddenly “now the emerald has been less than other gems. The cornerstone of every one million green emerald deposits is only one.

It is the only rare and precious than emerald green diamond is more shining than green gems. English name Demantoid, meaning like a diamond’s brilliance. Do not confuse with Chavelet stone, although they are the same green garnet, but can be worth different. Demantoid with beautiful emerald green, sparsely stronger than fire and diamond production, has become the most expensive garnet family.

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