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This year, the Van Cleef replica necklace most crazy

“Overall, this year’s turnover of civil emerald heat than imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry last year decreased.” Nanning senior jade collectors Ms. Shen said that many collectors will sell to keep possession, and therefore highly sensitive to market developments. This year, Ms. Shen sold a few pieces of high-grade jade jewelry, not only the price is lower imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry than expected, but also feel hard to find at home. Ms. Shen in 2011 to 120,000 yuan to buy a pair of green bean kind of jade bracelet, 2012 was bid 480,000 yuan, in September this year sold 54 million price, there was no market price doubled again.

2013 which, jade, and nephrite is still a “Crazy Stone”, although there have been minor adjustments, but it does not hinder the overall trend of rising prices. However, different grades of jade, the price differentiation is more obvious. Therefore, the proposal aims to get appreciation of the Friends of Tibet in the collection of jade, and nephrite, should be fine to start, to look at those “jade collection level” on.

This year, the domestic market as a whole jade, the price is still high to see, but some high-grade jade appears there is no market price embarrassment.Ms. Shen said that in 2009 to 2011, is the emerald prices rose the Van Cleef replica necklace most crazy three years, followed by Jade entered a period of adjustment.

Experts: Nanning positive clubhouse full of art investment expert Lee Jong mentioned that in 2013, investment in the category of jade, jade and nephrite jade is still the most replica Van Cleef and Arpels earrings valuable category. However, the middle and low market demand in recent years, jade in the fall, especially in high-grade jade jadeite and nephrite, etc. are still performed well.

In fact, jade collection market affected by the economic environment is relatively large, had replica Van Cleef jewelry a lot of business owners, business people have invested jade after making money, along with economic restructuring, the domestic market also appeared jade “squeeze bubble” of the adjustment, this adjustment is expected to continue into 2014.

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