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5 Popular Questions We Get About Replica Cartier Love Bangles

Cartier Love bangles have always been a huge topic of interest for our blog readers and customers alike. Raymond Lee Jewelers established a reputation for selling authentic used Love bracelets for less than retail at the height of the Love Bangle craze. Though it seems this signature Replica Cartier piece has withstood the test of time since its retro resurrection – it’s still considered a jewelry wardrobe staple.

Cartier Love

And we still buy and sell Replica Cartier Love bracelets – the real deal only – and we still field questions pretty much daily about this iconic piece. However, there are some that recur more often than others, and we want to chat about those today!

  • Longevity: Decades of happy customers don’t lie.
  • Open Communication: Do they call you back? Facebook you? Text you? Direct message you videos of rings on Instagram when you request?
  • Verifiable: Do they have Yelp & eBay reviews? Will they show you proof of a diamond’s certification, a watch’s papers, or a designer piece’s original box?
  • Easy Returns: Clearly stated, black and white, simple for you and protective of your money.

What’s the Price Difference Between Used and New?

Cartier recently lowered the prices of their Love bangles (a plain 18kt yellow is now $6,300 USD plus sales tax.) So we’re in the process of lowering our prices too. swiss replica watchesThe baseline for our new price structure will likely put a used Love bracelet in 18kt with no diamonds at $5,500 USD.

However, overseas the prices may be lower. Just remember that customs charges are on the high end for our international customers, so we always recommend checking with your customs office to make sure the purchase makes financial sense.

What’s the difference between new model and old model?

We did an in-depth post on the differences between the new model Love bangle and old model, with plenty of pics, here. They’re both gorgeous, but we’re partial to the new style – never lose your screws again!

Does the Love Bangle come in sterling silver?

Nope. The Love bangle’s white metals include white gold and platinum, with varying amounts of diamonds in the screws.

How do I find my Love bracelet size?

Love bangle sizes are based on the measurement of your wrist and correspond directly. If you do not see your size on here, you should ask Replica Cartier about custom sizing. It’s relatively easy to create larger bracelets, but when we asked our favorite Replica Cartier SA about a smaller size, she cautioned about compromising the structural integrity of the bracelet by going that small. So if you have teeny wrists, you might just have to accept a looser fit for your beloved bangles.

And finally, one last question we get asked pretty often – can you add me to your waiting list?! Yes, we definitely can! We never know when the perfect size/color/diamond combo is going to walk through our doors, so we keep a list of Replica Cartier hunters in our customer database. It’s first come first serve b the date you were added, but just know your RLJ team member is pulling for you and eagerly scoping out every new Love bangle that gets added to our inventory!

Size 16 = 16cm (6.3 Inches)
Size 17 = 17cm (6.7 Inches)
Size 18 = 18cm (7.1 Inches)
Size 19 = 19cm (7.5 Inches)
Size 20 = 20cm (7.9 Inches)
Size 21 = 21cm (8.3 Inches)

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